From time to time, we thought we might share some of our viewer comments, posted on our online video partner sites such as iTunes, Hulu, SnagFilms and Netflix…and of course, our own YouTube channel. We invite you to explore the Great Museums series and give us your feedback!


“Amazing channel, a ‘must’ sub!”

“This channel is an excellent contribution to art.”

“Thanks a lot! Very interesting source for education.”


“Great show. Made my daughter and I want to visit soon!” (The Smithsonian National Zoo)

“Eye-opening! Like most Americans my only image of Cuba is that of refugees arriving on our shores bedraggled and seeking “freedom.” There is so much art, culture, history and social progress in Cuba we never hear about because the narrative is controlled by the exiles, most of whom were from the old wealthy ruling class. Thanks for sharing this documentary.” (Curious About Cuba; The Great Museums of Havana)

“This documentary contains a wealth of information; filled with great museums, both large and small, it is both culturally relevant and diverse. Not knowing much about Cuba, I found this rewarding both in the great collections of art, as well as, history & memorabilia from many differing periods of history. Great efforts have been made to rebuild and preserve the history and color of Cuba, both in the past and present. I found it to be most enjoyable.” (Curious About Cuba: The Great Museums of Havana)

“I really enjoyed this film~ I am very impress with Mr. Mike Hearn ( curator ) his explanation of “ Old Trees” by Guo Xi The last meeting of two old friends…This film is a 5 star * Love it! Thanks” (China: West Meets East at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

“Wonder overview, delightful perspective .. helped me to understand the Chinese Mind, grow in reverence for the people and their art. THe Wide set of resources was truly remarkable and brought such diversity and richness to the whole video.” (China: West Meets East at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

“This 27 min long short documentary is concise, moving, and educational. A handful of amazing works that are not new to history, but that are new to many eyes, are filmed and briefly discussed. These works have not been exalted, historically, in texts books and have only recently received more expansive recognition of their importance and extremely high level of execution. It’s truly an eye-opening short piece that will leave you with a few good names to research and learn more about on your own. The next time I’m in DC I will definitely make a visit to the museum.” (A Woman’s Touch: National Museum of Women in the Arts)

“Best documentary on art I’ve ever seen. Especially enjoyed the close up detail of certain pieces. Very well done. Great color. I wanna go see it more than I did before. Next best thing to being there. A whole series could be made on this museum alone.” (A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art), pub-8763558367268451, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
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