Marc Doyle: Meeting Chuck Close

Marc Doyle: Meeting Chuck Close


When GREAT MUSEUMS was producing its episode on the Museum of Modern Art, in NYC, I had the pleasure of spending a day with Chuck Close, interviewing him in his Greenwich Village studio. That day he shared w me a group of photos he had recently taken of President Obama, from which he was going to paint a portrait. 

He was generous with his time, fun to be with, and brilliant in his observations. Chuck Close is a giant in the hyper-competitive contemporary art world and has been for decades.

And, he’s a serious artist. 

I think you will enjoy this recent feature on him from The New York Times Magazine:

Marc Doyle
Co-Executive Producer
Great Museums Television

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Comments  /  1

Carina Evangelista:  Was your interview with him published or produced in a video? If so, we'd like to include it in his catalogue raisonnĂ©. If not but you have materials from that day (any recording or unpublished transcript of your interview), would you be willing to share for our records? We solicit and archive materials for his catalogue, which you may preview at Thank you!

posted on 07-22-2016

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