Great Museums Visits Ann Wilson, of Heart, for Rock Hall Documentary

Great Museums Visits Ann Wilson, of Heart, for Rock Hall Documentary

Recently, the GMTV crew traveled to the Pacific Northwest to interview Ann Wilson, who is the lead singer of Heart, for our documentary film about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Heart was inducted into the Rock Hall in 2013. Amidst the guitars, amps and amazing photos of musicians scattered throughout the house, there was - not surprisingly - lots of black (note the black chandelier in the photo below). Fitting for a rock legend like Ann Wilson!

Executive Producer Marc Doyle interviews Ann Wilson








Ann Wilson & Marc Doyle








Comments  /  2

Comments  /  2

victoria gabriel:  You my man are the luckiest man alive!! My dream in life would to meet the Queen of Rock.. I don't think I could keep it all together even to get one word out in her prensence. KInda how she was in school, I would form a studdering condition. You must of had a great time she seem's so calm and laid back and humble. She considers her band like a bar band LOL! Ann WIlson you my dear even if you don't think your worthy are the Queen of Rock in my eyes and alot of other fans out in the world adore you. SHe is over 60 yrs. old and still can rock out and bring the very best performance more so than these new artist who think they have to expose their body part's in order for fans to love them. ROCK ON MY QUEEN!!!! XO

posted on 09-28-2014

Jamie Mott :  You my dear... are so loved.

posted on 02-06-2015

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