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Update: Egypt Reopens Museums

As I reported last week, I have been very impressed by the apparently instinctive decision on the part of a large number of protestors in Tahrir Square to risk their safety, maybe their lives, to form a human chain around the Egyptian Museum to prevent looters from escaping and to prevent any more looters from breaking in to the museum. This struck me as extraordinary. Yesterday, when the… more >

Protecting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Protecting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

As a person who loves to visit museums and has made a career out of producing documentary television about museums, I am fascinated by the emerging story of what happened at the renowned… more >

IN MEMORIAM: Dr. Margaret Burroughs

IN MEMORIAM: Dr. Margaret Burroughs

Dr. Margaret Burroughs, Founder, DuSable Museum of African American History Four years ago, in 2006, I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Margaret Burroughs for our GREAT MUSEUMS special… more >


Finca Vigia: Museo Ernest Hemingway Ada Rosa Alfonso Rosales, director of Finca Vigia, The Hemingway House Museum, was “the hostess with the most-est,” as we say back home in Deep South Mississippi. One minute we were toasting our GREAT MUSEUMS of the WORLD project (which represented a cultural collaboration between the US and Cuba) with straight 151 proof rum (in the middle of the day)… more >

Looking Back to May 1998:  The AAM Conference

May 1998:   After a year of thinking about producing a cultural TV series about museums, Marc and I were finally in a position to actually do it.  Before we initiated the field production, we attended the American Association of Museums’ annual meeting in Los Angeles.  We just signed up, paid the registration fee, and went.  It was the perfect place to learn about the museum business.  We… more >

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