Trial by Fire: The New York City Fire Museum

Housed in a 1904 firehouse — the former home of Engine 30 — this museum chronicles the history of firefighting from colonial times to the present. The museum features horse and hand-drawn fire carriages, fire buckets and parade hats and modern day equipment. Firefighters — many of whom were involved in the World Trade Center tragedy — serve as the museum’s volunteers.

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The New York City Fire Museum

The NYFD has been fighting fires and rescuing citizens for 350 years. At the New York City Fire Museum visitors can see that the history of fire fighting in the City is intertwined with the history of New York City itself.

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Paid to Put Out Fires

In the early days of the City, all fire fighters were volunteers. During the Revolutionary War, men, women and children would line up to become part of the bucket brigades when an alarm was sounded. The first fire engines were purchased in time for the inauguration of George Washington.

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Hard-working Animals

Dalmatians, typically thought of as mascots, were actually hard-working animals. Their speed and size enabled them to run under the horses’ legs as they pulled the carriages. Nipping at their heels, they prodded the horses to run faster and harder.

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Remembering a Hero

Former NYC Mayor Rudolph Guiliani recalls one of his childhood heroes: his uncle, a New York City Fireman, who, in spite of several critical injuries, stayed with the force and moved up through the ranks to Captain.

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Soaring to New Heights

Firefighters take tremendous pride in their equipment – polishing it, decorating it and showing it off in parades. Beautiful old trucks evoke the earliest days of gas-powered engines, and the firefighters’ need for state-of-the-art technology.

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