The Great Depression

In spite of hard times, museums flowered during the Great Depression, with the WPA creating museum jobs for all types of workers. From Riches, Radicals and Rivals.

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Amanda Nguyen:  Dear whoever this regards,

Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm a 8th grader from Washington state. I am contacting you regarding some questions I would like to have answered concerning Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal programs. I was hoping to receive an expert's view of the matter, to really hear and opinion on some things and get more detail about the subject.

Please get back to me as soon as possible, and thank you for your time.


posted on 04-19-2017

Rocky Korda:  To who ever this may concern,

My name is Rocky Korda, I am a student at Tel- Hai college in Israel. I am currently taking a course in American History, and was given an assignment to make a 5 minute speech about any subject I chose in the History of North America. I decided to talk about the period of The Great depression. In my vision, I would like to take famous photos from that period of time, like the once taken by the famous photographer Dorothea Lange- and tell the stories behind those pictures; the stories of the people in those photos and/or the story that the photographer had to say about those photos.
The reason I am contacting you, is because I thought you might be able to help me find this photography book that displays famous pictures from that time. My problem is, I don't remember the name of the book or the name of the other. All I can recall are pictures I remember seeing in that book. I do know it was a collection of photos taken by different photographers (such as Dorothea Lange) and I do have a picture of a drawing I drew of one of the pictures in that book.
It was a series of pictures, and I drew one of them. In the picture you see a young mother (though in the picture she looks older than she probably was, since she was so skinny, and her face was so wrinkly and skinny with the hunger) holding a baby, and looking straight at the photographer. I will attach the picture of the drawing I did if I am able to this email.
I also know that the "theme of the photos" was diverse: there were pictures of farmers fleeting to California on one hand, and then there were pictures of cities, both in the south and in NYC, such as Harlem.
Another photo I recall from that book was a picture of a sign, that said something about Roosevelt. Does that perhaps wring a bell?
Oh! and also, there was this one photographer I remember really liking, his name was Ben something...

I really hope that you have some sort of souvenir store in your museum with photography books, and that maybe you'll have the book I am looking for-
or at least that you'll be able to refer me to it!

Also, and even if you can't help me find this book I'm talking about,
do you know any interesting stories told about pictures taken of people from the period of The Great Depression?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email.

With warm regards and many thanks.

Rocky Korda (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

posted on 10-23-2018

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