Renzo Piano—Creating Architectural Icons

From architect Renzo Piano’s workshop, high on a hilltop north of Genoa, Italy, come some of the world’s most innovative museum designs. Here Piano speaks about his design for the High Museum, the centerpiece of a “village for the arts” on Peachtree St. in Atlanta.  From GREAT MUSEUMS: Riches, Rivals and Radicals: 100 Years of Museums in America (2006).

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Lenkoslav:  Watched this a couple of times (not with rapt atitneton, since I was doing other things but with interest throughout, nevertheless). Thanks for posting it.I'm sure I'll go to my grave not quite knowing what to think of Gehry's best-known work. I respond more comfortably (though perhaps not critically enough) to an elegant modernism like much that comes from Piano's office. But Gehry's the more interesting phenomenon as an architect/artist personality of our time, surely. And he's wonderful to listen to in interviews, so straightforward, so good-natured, hardly ever saying more than necessary. You can't help liking him.

posted on 08-29-2012

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