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In our travels, the GREAT MUSEUMS team has profiled many museums - both on and off the beaten path. Over a decade ago, we began compiling a list of the museums of the United States. Visit our Find a Museum page to discover a great museum in your back yard. There are over 15,000… more >

MUSEUM PLACES:  Find a Museum
MUSEUM PLACES: Find a Museum

Behind the Scenes with Museum Professionals The thousands of people who work in museums are as diverse as museums themselves. Join us as we explore the museum world and celebrate the people who bring our favorite cultural institutions to life. GREAT MUSEUMS regularly profiles… more >

MUSEUM FACES: Who Makes a Museum?
MUSEUM FACES: Who Makes a Museum?

Margaret Burroughs, a poet, visual artist, educator and arts organizer, grew up in Chicago and made a lasting contribution to that city’s arts and humanities community.  Her reach, however, has extended far beyond Chicago’s borders.  One of the founding members of the DuSable… more >

Museum Faces: Margaret Burroughs

Wilhelmina Holladay, “Billie,” is the co-founder of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.  Billie and her husband Wallace began collecting art in the 1960s, at a time when scholars and art historians were beginning to take note of the underrepresentation of women and various… more >

Museum Faces: Billie Holladay

William S. Morris III founded the Morris Museum of Art in 1992, in memory of his parents.  Morris, who is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Morris Communications, also publishes The Augusta Chronicle, one of the country’s oldest continually published newspapers.… more >

Museum Faces: Billy Morris

Carlos Tortolero, President and Founder of the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, came to Chicago from Mexico as a small child. For many years he worked as a history teacher, counselor and administrator in the Chicago Public School System.  In 1982, he and several friends… more >

Museum Faces: Carlos Tortolero