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Cover photo of Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh (1889), courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).  Above photo of The Great Hall courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Brooks Walker. GREAT MUSEUMS is an award-winning television series celebrating the museum world—in the… more >

Highlights: Great Museums Television
Highlights: Great Museums Television

What’s a motorcycle doing in an art museum, sharing the stage with paintings by Picasso and Matisse?  Glenn Lowry, Director of MoMA, and Terence Riley, Chief Curator of Architecture and Design, explain. From GREAT MUSEUMS: In Our Time: The Museum of Modern Art (2006).… more >

Vincent Black Shadow

From architect Renzo Piano’s workshop, high on a hilltop north of Genoa, Italy, come some of the world’s most innovative museum designs. Here Piano speaks about his design for the High Museum, the centerpiece of a “village for the arts” on Peachtree St. in Atlanta.  From… more >

Renzo Piano—Creating Architectural Icons

Dr. Steve Monfort, Head of Conservation and Science at the National Zoo, calls Giant Pandas the rock stars of animal world. There is no better ambassador for endangered species in the wild than the charismatic Giant Panda, whose own numbers are down to a mere 1600.  In this… more >

Ambassadors to the Wild

Margaret Burroughs, a poet, visual artist, educator and arts organizer, grew up in Chicago and made a lasting contribution to that city’s arts and humanities community.  Her reach, however, has extended far beyond Chicago’s borders.  One of the founding members of the… more >

Museum Faces: Margaret Burroughs

Wilhelmina Holladay, “Billie,” is the co-founder of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.  Billie and her husband Wallace began collecting art in the 1960s, at a time when scholars and art historians were beginning to take note of the underrepresentation of women and… more >

Museum Faces: Billie Holladay

William S. Morris III founded the Morris Museum of Art in 1992, in memory of his parents.  Morris, who is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Morris Communications, also publishes The Augusta Chronicle, one of the country’s oldest continually published… more >

Museum Faces: Billy Morris

Carlos Tortolero, President and Founder of the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, came to Chicago from Mexico as a small child. For many years he worked as a history teacher, counselor and administrator in the Chicago Public School System.  In 1982, he and several… more >

Museum Faces: Carlos Tortolero

A dance performance - AND a dance lesson - get the ladies in Congo Square moving to an African ancestral beat.  From GREAT MUSEUMS: New Orleans: A Living Museum of Music.  more >

Congo Ladies Perform

Biza Sompa, founder of Bichini Bia Congo Dance Theater, leads an exuberant dance performance in New Orleans’ Congo Square. From GREAT MUSEUMS: New Orleans: A Living Museum of Music.  more >

Biza Bichini Bia

Metropolitan Museum of Art Curator Helen Evans and Senior Design Advisor Jeff Daly discuss the challenges of creating a cohesive display out of a collection of seemingly unrelated objects. Not tied to time, place or culture, the objects are part of an exhibit mounted to… more >

The Met - An Inside Look: part 2

A special exhibition honoring retiring director Philippe de Montebello, featured highlights of the 84,000 works of art that were acquired during his tenure. Here we see Curator Helen Evans and Senior Design Advisor Jeff Daly determine which objects will be featured in this… more >

The Met - An Inside Look: part 1

The adventure of working with art in our own time is that history has not given us the security of proof – of an artist’s influence or impact, of a defining trend, or of a new idea. At the Museum of Modern Art, curators celebrate work that is not yet comfortable or familiar.… more >

Modern Art Adventure

Every aspect of Cuban life tells the story of a blended society, starting with the island’s most important crop – sugar. When Christopher Columbus brought sugar cane from the Canary Islands, which had arrived there by way of Africa, India, China and Portugal, he brought with… more >


The history of Chinese art is the story of influence. The earliest pieces in the Met’s collection show masterpieces of primitive expression and belief. As the world evolved, and intruded, Chinese art began to reflect techniques and images introduced from India and the Western… more >

The Rule of Man

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