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In our travels, the GREAT MUSEUMS team has profiled many museums - both on and off the beaten path. Over a decade ago, we began compiling a list of the museums of the United States. Visit our Find a Museum page to discover a great museum in your back yard. There are over… more >

MUSEUM PLACES:  Find a Museum
MUSEUM PLACES: Find a Museum

Behind the Scenes with Museum Professionals The thousands of people who work in museums are as diverse as museums themselves. Join us as we explore the museum world and celebrate the people who bring our favorite cultural institutions to life. GREAT MUSEUMS regularly… more >

MUSEUM FACES: Who Makes a Museum?
MUSEUM FACES: Who Makes a Museum?

Margaret and Charles Burroughs started a black history Museum in their Chicago living room with items collected from their travels to Africa. This museum became the DuSable Museum of African American History, the oldest museum of its type in the country. From GREAT MUSEUMS:… more >

Black History Museums: The DuSable

From the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo Picasso, 1907 What do the superstars of modern art - van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Pollock, Warhol - have in common with the Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle and an Apple iPod? All share the… more >

In Our Time: The Museum of Modern Art

Congo Square celebrates African arts and culture.  Each week, musicians, dancers and drummers gather in Congo Square, just inside the gates of Louis Armstrong Park to perform in the authentic West African manner. New Orleans: A Living Museum of Music.  more >

Congo Square drummers and dancers perform
Congo Square drummers and dancers perform

NEW RELEASE This September, GREAT MUSEUMS TELEVISION showcases the world-famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum in a new one-hour special. Set to coincide with the museum’s 20th anniversary, Sound Tracks: The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum features interviews,… more >

NEW! Sound Tracks: The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
NEW! Sound Tracks: The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

GREAT MUSEUMS: ELEVATED THINKING: THE HIGH LINE IN NEW YORK CITY celebrates the stunning transformation of an elevated, abandoned railway into a widely acclaimed public park. Once an active train line that existed to bring food through the region and into the city, the High… more >

Elevated Thinking: NYC's High Line
Elevated Thinking: NYC's High Line

GREAT MUSEUMS is at work documenting the creation of the last museum to be built on our National Mall. Construction of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (SNMAAHC) began in 2012.  The new museum is scheduled to open in 2015. A central… more >

And The Walls Came Tumblin’ Down

On a beautiful day in late September 2012, New York City officials and public and private donors joined with the Friends of the High Line to mark the groundbreaking of the last and final section of the park. Encompassing a vast area that stretches from the Hudson River to… more >

High Line Section Three: Groundbreaking Ceremony

Cover photo of Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh (1889), courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).  Above photo of The Great Hall courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Brooks Walker. GREAT MUSEUMS is an award-winning television series celebrating the museum world—in the… more >

Highlights: Great Museums Television
Highlights: Great Museums Television

What’s a motorcycle doing in an art museum, sharing the stage with paintings by Picasso and Matisse?  Glenn Lowry, Director of MoMA, and Terence Riley, Chief Curator of Architecture and Design, explain. From GREAT MUSEUMS: In Our Time: The Museum of Modern Art (2006).… more >

Vincent Black Shadow

From architect Renzo Piano’s workshop, high on a hilltop north of Genoa, Italy, come some of the world’s most innovative museum designs. Here Piano speaks about his design for the High Museum, the centerpiece of a “village for the arts” on Peachtree St. in Atlanta.  From… more >

Renzo Piano—Creating Architectural Icons

Dr. Steve Monfort, Head of Conservation and Science at the National Zoo, calls Giant Pandas the rock stars of animal world. There is no better ambassador for endangered species in the wild than the charismatic Giant Panda, whose own numbers are down to a mere 1600.  In this… more >

Ambassadors to the Wild

Margaret Burroughs, a poet, visual artist, educator and arts organizer, grew up in Chicago and made a lasting contribution to that city’s arts and humanities community.  Her reach, however, has extended far beyond Chicago’s borders.  One of the founding members of the… more >

Museum Faces: Margaret Burroughs

Wilhelmina Holladay, “Billie,” is the co-founder of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.  Billie and her husband Wallace began collecting art in the 1960s, at a time when scholars and art historians were beginning to take note of the underrepresentation of women and… more >

Museum Faces: Billie Holladay

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